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    Legion Of Bloom Carts

    Legion Of Bloom Carts. Buy Legion Of Bloom Carts cartridges uses live resin high terpene full spectrum extract with triple refined cannabis oil for their California sauce cartridges.

    This article in Weedmaps explains that “HTE sauce is essentially deconstructed shatter, in which the terpenes and cannabinoids are naturally separated” by using various pressures and temperatures.

    Buy Legion Of Bloom Carts | Its potency 

    The effects definitely felt very strong, as it does creep up on you. I felt a nice cerebral euphoria before feeling relaxed, uplifted, and creative, which was perfect for a morning wake and bake or during the daytime.
    Its potency is close to what I’ve experienced with Heavy Hitters, Rove Featured Farms Live Resin, and WOX/URSA diamond sauce carts.
    However, the effects felt stronger than some of the cured resin cartridges from Friendly Farms and Rove Featured Farms as well as some of the more recent Raw Garden cartridges, in that the entourage effects felt like they lasted longer than those cartridges.

    Legion Carts is highly recommended for its oil quality, hardware, strength

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend this cartridge along with Monarch distillate cartridges for better hardware, strength, and oil quality; however, the taste can be improved for Orange Creamsicle.
    I would recommend their Lemon Cake, which was tastier than Orange Creamsicle, in my opinion.
    Legion of Bloom is currently available in flower, Monarch distillate cartridges, and California sauce cartridges as well as Pax Era pods for both distillate and California sauce in most Southern California dispensaries.
    The lab results tested by SC Labs are available here. Average Potency: 74% THC, 0% CBD
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    Legion Of Bloom Carts
    Legion Of Bloom Carts

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