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    Left Coast Carts

    Left Coast Carts. From the quality of their hardware to the oil itself, everything about this cartridge turned out to be great. Something about it makes it lasts super long. The oil seems to last longer than any cartridge that I have tried. The fact that you could see everything, nice and clear is also cool. Maybe the logos can be adjusted and look a little bit different, but other than that this cartridge is good all around.

    For this review, I used a battery that was less than optimal and definitely not my favorite battery, the SteamCloud EVOD. There’s nothing special with this battery, its pretty much very similar to the type of battery that you would pick up from a gasoline station. We’ll talk more about how it ties in below.

    I actually ended up dropping this cartridge even though I tried not to. It does have a rubber seal around the top that will break some of the fall if you drop it. I dropped it twice, none of those were super high drops. Probably around 3ft – 4ft height of drop onto a wood floor and nothing happened. I was happy about that.

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    A heavy enough battery with a hard enough floor might break it. However, the glass is really thick, so I don’t know if it will break much easier just because the top is glass than you would on a regular CCELL or other glass cartridges.

    So, this is just more glass, but a substantial fall is still gonna break a glass cartridge anyway and the glass on this cartridge is substantially thicker than I’ve seen on any other cartridge. So don’t think it’s weak until you feel it in your hand.

    Left coast Carts. Contrast that with the SoKiss Cartridge that we did not post a review on because it cracked halfway through when I used it. On the design, they could maybe make the logo in one spot or have it listed around as opposed to all over. I would like just to see more of just straight oil, and I think that would stand out more.

    Left Coast might be unmatched on cart efficiency

    This cartridge hits good on even not that great batteries and oil is fitting from the very bottom. Doesn’t seem that they can improve much on the efficiency side on this cartridge at all. On top of that, it’s using all glass so less stuff sticks on the sides. You probably gonna end up hitting this down to the last drop.

    Left Coast Carts

    I should know that we are using a full gram cartridge for this review. However, in comparison with other full gram cartridges, this thing seems to vape forever. The oil just goes down really really slow.

    Left coast carts it’s not actually the slowest moving, most thick distillate that I’ve ever seen, but for some reason, you get fat clouds with this cartridge and the oil vapes really slow.

    Premium THC disposables

    Left coast extracts is very pure in content and they are pesticide free premium thc distillates. This thc cartridges are been made out of California’s finest brands of cannabis strains and they are well extracted by skilled experts.

    Left coast extract is a verified and registered brand of THC carts, to buy this premium carts online, it is very simple, that is , open your browser, search for the carts brand and upon seeing the website, open and select your quantity and flavors and checkout then make payments.

    Left Coast Carts We also do have much more juicy flavors from our shopping list for this brand, however, we also have varieties of other products.

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    Left Coast Carts
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