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    Greenbox Disposable.In this day and age, disposable pens have become quite a norm amongst the cannabis community. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as they became increasingly prominent a couple of years back. However, irrespective of this major achievement, the cannabis community is plagued with a high level of below standard products, on account of the varieties available on the market.

    It is often a daunting task finding that perfect one which suits your taste, the good news is that you don’t have to worry anymore as the Greenbox Disposable vape pen is one of the very few good ones available. Check out our detailed review on this brands product, including its benefits and whether it is the right fit for you.

    What is Greenbox Disposable Vape Pen?

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    Since their establishment years back, the Greenbox brand has made it their mission to provide customers with high quality and only the best cannabis products, personalized to their tastes. They only make use of food-grade terpenes extracted from all natural plant materials as well as distilled cannabis oil (both CBD and THC dominant extracts).

    There is no use of emulsifiers, cutting agents and synthetic agents in their products during the formulation process, especially as they tend to alter the terpene formulation and pure cannabis oil. Their product also has a strong and good scent, not to mention that maintenance is no hassle. Similar to some other disposable vape product, you do not have to bother about buying battery.

    With every hit, you are sure to get the ultimate experience. As an added benefit, customer’s satisfaction remains their top priority hence their drive to ensure total consistency and quality of their products.

    General Features

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    • Easily affordable

    One major advantage of the Greenbox disposable vape is its cost effectiveness and ease of affordability. Similar to a few other strains, it is the perfect options for first-timers and offers the same effect like other stronger modifications. The Greenbox vape cartridge costs around 25 dollars which is quite cheap. Not to mention that for such price, you get consistency and quality.


    The design of the Greenbox Disposable Vape pen is quite simple but yet very efficient. It is easy to handle and requires no special technical know-how on its usage. Another added benefit is its portable feature which allows for easy mobility and discreet usage. A well designed vape pen like that of the Greenbox brand goes a long way towards enhancing the entire vaping experience.

    • Requires little to no maintenance

    Another core feature of the Greenbox disposable vape pen is in its ease of maintenance. Similar with other brands of disposable vape pen, the Greenbox disposable doesn’t require special cleaning or any other maintenance. This is one of the major reasons why the disposable vape is perfect for first-timers. In addition, their battery doesn’t require charging as they don’t make use of batteries using CCell. This brand of disposable vape delivers quality clouds with every hit.


    • Quality

    As earlier stated, the Greenbox disposable vape brand only uses distilled cannabis oil, all of which are derived from an all-natural plant material. In addition, the Greenbox cartridges are considered one of the best on the market, especially as they make use of premium terpenes which is blended with cold-ethanol distillate. Also this product offers a variety of flavoring, including Gelato and Strawberry Cough just to mention a few. In other words, you are guaranteed to find the one that best suits your preferences. Out of the box, the fragrance is quite solid, and they don’t contain any V/G, P/G or dilutants.

    These are just some of the key features that the Greenbox vape brand promises its users, amongst a couple of others. Now, the main question remains, what the best Greenbox disposables are? Below are some of our best options and everything you need to know about them.

    Greenbox Disposable Vape Pen Reviews: Is the Greenbox Disposable Vape good?

    1. Greenbox “Strawberry Cough” Cannabis Oil Cartridge

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    One of the core masterpiece of the Greenbox brand, the Strawberry Cough flavored cannabis oil can easily be purchased from the online brands online store or any retailer close to you. Its formulation process does not involve synthetic agents or emulsifiers. It contains 86.67% total THC, and it does not require the use of batteries. The product boasts of a strong and good scent, absence filers and a quality vaping experience.


    • No buttons or power settings
    • Numerous flavors to suit consumers taste and wants
    • Designed for free public disposal and recycling
    • It is made up of 91.06% complete cannabinoids
    • Quality fragrance with no dilutants


    • Its super easy to use and requires no special skill to navigate through
    • It doesn’t make use of any batteries
    • No cleaning or other maintenance required
    • Cost-effective and requires no major investment
    • Its lightweight with an effective design


    • Cartridge isn’t reusable
    • Puffs is limited, and lasts less longer for regular smokers
    1. Greenbox “Gelato” Cannabis Oil Cartridge

    A perfect blend of flavoring and fragrance, the Gelato cannabis oil cartridge is arguably one of a kind. Similar to all other Greenbox cartridges, this gelato flavored product offers a complete vaping experience. It is easy to install and can be disposed of effortless once content has been exhausted. Another added benefit is that it is easily affordable so you don’t have to break your bank before you can partake of this once in a life time quality vaping experience.


    • Top-notch packaging which guarantees the safety of the product
    • Easy to install and dispose after use
    • Contains and THC and CBD
    • Doesn’t require the use of batteries
    • Sleek and simple product design


    • Absence of foul or harmful odour
    • Compact size which allows for easy mobility
    • Easily affordable making it a suitable option for first-timers
    • Doesn’t require any special cleaning
    • It offers a predictable user experience


    • Product is fragile compared to others
    • Doesn’t last long if used regularly

    FAQS about Greenbox Disposables Vape Pen

    1. How can I tell if a Greenbox product is the original one?

    Though the Greenbox brand always provides high quality products, it is quite of unfortunate that there are numerous fake, low quality, below standard products on the market being disguised as Greenbox disposable pen product. To avoid being a victim of this, it is often advisable to purchase directly from the online store, as you get a lot of benefits including picking out the one that bests suit your taste.

    1. Is the Greenbox Disposable Vape Pen worth it?

    Considering the numerous benefits that you enjoy when you purchase one, it is very much worth it. For starters you get a complete vaping experience for a very low cost, not to mention a host of other advantages which allow you to select from a list of products the one that best suits your taste. When you patronize the Greenbox brand, you also enjoy a discount on your purchase. All of these contribute towards ensuring you get only the best services.

    1. How can I choose the best vape?

    Like with a lot of other vape pens, in other to get the best, there are certain key features to take note of. One of which is the size of the product. In hindsight, carrying around a vape pen that is difficult to place in your purse or pockets is not exactly encouraging. Compactness and portability are a major benefit that come with vape pens. Another factor to consider is the oil cartridge quality so as to make sure it doesn’t cause any negative side effects.

    1. How long does the Greenbox disposable vape pen lasts?

    In retrospect, this all depends on how you use it. Normally you can get a couple of puffs in for weeks, if used moderately. However, if you are a regular smoker, then most likely it won’t last as long as you expect it too, especially as disposable vape pens are not built to last for an extended period.

    1. How much is the Greenbox disposable vape pen?

    As earlier reiterated, one of the major advantage of the Greenbox disposable product is its cost effectiveness and ease of affordability. For as low as 25 dollars, you can effortlessly get yourself a Greenbox disposable vape pen, which is quite affordable. You too can partake of the ultimate vaping experience and determine the strain that best suits your preference.

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    Greenbox Disposable
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