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    What is a Flo vape pen?

    Flo vape pen.The production of the FLO concentrates on high-quality cannabis cultivation that demonstrates the high regard for perfect consumer experience. The cannabis products incorporated for the output undergo numerous tests that help to eliminate toxic substances and pesticides.

    Beyond the intricate cultivation follows a careful extraction process that utilizes the highest grades of C02. Other products extracted include NO adjuncts, NO hydrocarbon blasts, and NO cosolvents. The FLO production process ensures the highest degree of natural and pure extracts used in juice development.

    FLO production uses the highest possible quality of CCell cartridges. This ensures no flooding by the imitators—the intricate production of the FLO prevents the inferior imposition of their products. The FLO reengineers the cannabis carbon cycle, thereby producing a pure and high-quality concentrate.

    The FLO head office is located in Wilmington, DE, in the County of New Castle. The laboratories ensure that the products give a good taste through their elimination of wastes. Each of their products is designed to fall below the coil, therefore, allowing the user to consume 100% of the product.

    flo true taste wax

    Flo Vape pens offer perfect products for anyone that smokes and vapes. The company specializes in products that range from a wall of Disposables to showcases displaying the latest Vape Kits, as well as a large selection of premium E-liquids and Salt-Nic.

    The business also carries a wide array of smoking products for  customers looking for more, including chillums, glass trays, Cheech Water Pipe, and Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizers

    Features of the FLO vape pen

    The unique design of the FLO vape pen has ensured that the coil is strategically placed below the quartz bucket. The product to be smoked is designed to provide that it never comes into direct contact with the heat source.

    The FLO vape pen has a sleek black metallic exterior and comes in a pocket size. The pen comes with features that allow for the adjustment of the pen’s temperature. The temperature regulators control low temperature and high temperature.

    The feature incorporated in the design of the FLO vape pen is. as follows:

    • 1 x FLO Battery
    • 1 x True Taste Quartz atomizer
    • 1 x True Taste Ceramic atomizer
    • 1 x Chamber cap
    • 1 x Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Silicone wax/concentrate container
    • 1 x Packing tool
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Traveling bar

    Design and Quality

    The FLO is engineered with unique chambers containing a spiral-shaped coil that acts as its heater. The heater coil is strategically placed below the quartz’s glass layer located at the chamber’s base.

    The intricate design ensures that the cannabis wax vapes without making direct contact with the heating element. The concept behind the invention is to allow the cannabis product to be vaped without burning combustion impurities giving a clean vaping experience without a burning effect after taste.

    The concept of the FLO vape ensures that the user experiences less smoke than the recommended amount for vape pens.

    Performance of the FLO pen

    The FLO pen has an appealing design experience. The pen has a smaller battery capacity, therefore convenient for occasional vapers.  The technology incorporated in the design of FLO ensures that the user enjoys the most refined CO2-derived distillate.

    Flo has created ultra pure 100% cannabis-derived terpenes that allow for minimal reintroduction quantities, thereby preserving the 90% THC potency while still emulating the strain-specific flavor experience desired by the user.

    FLO sources the finest Colorado-grown cannabis available and processes it using ethanol and CO2.

    How to use the FLO vape pen

    The FLO pen is simple to use. First, use the parking tool to put the wax in the quartz chamber. The process might be strenuous considering that there is nothing to stick the wax to, considering that the heating coil is not in the section.

    A shattered piece would be much easier to drop into the optimizer, without having to use the packing tools. Upon placement of the wax into the chamber, the mouthpiece is screwed onto the chamber.


    Then the assembled top is screwed onto the FLO battery. The pen is then trendy by pressing the F labeled button five times quickly. The desired temperature is then selected using the switch that allows one to switch from high to low by placing the F labeled button three times rapidly.

    Press and hold the F labeled button for 2-3 seconds before inhaling from the mouthpiece to ensure that the wax has been preheated.

    How to charge the FLO vape pen

    The FLO comes with a compatible USB charger that can be plugged into a laptop or any USB-enabled device. The battery takes close to 45 minutes to be fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, it is reinstalled back into the pen. The FLO pen has an LED light indicator that shows the user whether the battery is charging.

    The LED light also signals the user whenever the battery is low and below the required limit. Since the battery is considerably tiny and of a lower power capacity, it is recommended that the user ensure that the pen battery is fully charged to maximize its ability.

    Cleaning and maintenance of the pen 

    The best way to ensure that the pen is well maintained is through using tenuous cleaning. The pen cleaning is done by first taking apart the parts of the pen. Once the battery is removed, it is to be adequately wiped to dryness.

    This ensures that any debris of the wax that might have spilled is wiped from it. Dry batteries are more efficient in ensuring that the pen lasts longer and effectively in performance. The batteries should also be checked for any cracks.

    The bucket is then soaked in water or an alcohol-based sanitizer to ensure that any remaining wax doesn’t stay for too long. Overstayed wax leads to a less pleasant aftertaste of vaping. Soaking ensures that the remaining wax is completely leaned off. The parts are then dried completely then reinstalled as initially found

    Pros and Cons


    • The FLO pen has a very innovative chamber design
    • The chamber design ensures that the pen undergoes less maintenance compared to other vape pens.
    • Quartz and ceramic chamber options allow for more appealing looks incorporated into the elegant design.
    • The design ensures minimum waste of concentrate product


    • The pen has a short battery life owing to the small power capacity of its battery.
    • The user may experience inconsistent and small pulls.

    FLO vape pen FAQs

    FLO vape pen and Rokin Nitro vape pen, which is better?

    The Rokin Nitro pulls overall consistency of pulls. Compared to the FLO vape. The heating oil technology incorporated in the FLO allows more clever puffs compared to the Rokin Nitro vape. With consistent cleaning maintenance, the FLO pulls get more consistent, making them work just well. Both the Rokin and the FLO have similar features for the adjustment of temperatures.

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    The FLO vape pen’s chamber design brings out an outstanding performance in to the vaping experience.  The vapor, as a result, is notably fresh since the elements are not burnt directly onto the heating coil. The FLO technology is a revolutionary idea that impacts the vaping market. Compared with other vapes, the FLO pen considered every aspect that goes into the wax Compared they were production.

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    Flo vape pen
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