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    Dime Disposable Vape.Disposable vapes are easy to use and most convenient to carry about in your pocket or purse. A lot of people are now dumping smoking for vaping and it is all because vaping has been proven to be multiple times healthier and safer than smoking. If you are still a smoker, you should try switching to vaping today. After deciding on switching to vaping, the next likely question that would come to your mind is which brand of vape products to go for, and that is why we have written this article for you. Out of the many vape brands out there, when of the best brands you can go for is Dime Vapes. In this article, we will be talking about the review and instructions of Dime Disposable Vapes.

    1.About Dime Vapes Brand

    As we noted in the introduction of this article, Dime Vapes is one of the most reliable vape brands in the vape market today. They sell quality, original, and durable vape materials ranging from disposable vapes to cartridges, and cannabis. The brand is located in California and was established in 2016, it is an award-winning brand with thousands of customers around the world.

    2.Dime Disposable Vapes

    Dime disposable vapes come with oil that is 100% derived from the original cannabis. It is a pure oil that all solvents that have been removed through a special distillation method. Terpenes that are gotten from cannabis strains and purely natural leaves and fruits are used to create various delicious flavours. Its oil tank has a 600mg capacity. The atomizers are built to be tight, ensuring that there is no wastage of oil while in use. It comes with two inverted ceramic plates that allow a great hit and quality vapours while preserving the flavours. The product is built using stainless steel material that enhances its durability and longevity.

    One of the things that makes this product more unique when compared with other disposable vapes out there is the fact that it also features a child-proof design, which protects it from unwanted touch or tampering by children or underage. It also comes with a validation sticker that allows you to check that you are buying the original product- this prevents you from using fake Dime Disposable Vapes.  The product is highly potent and made using clean THC. With Dime Disposables, you get up to 400 puffs per vape session.

    2.1 Dime Disposable Vape Flavours

    There are various flavours of Dime Disposable vapes, look through the following and go for the one that best suits your taste:

    Apple Gelato

    Apple Gelato

    The Apple Gelato flavour from the Dime Disposable vape collection gives you a taste that is similar to eating an apple pie. The flavour is fruity and carefully mixes between Gelato 33 Sour Apple IBL and the original hybrid strain. This gives you a delicious taste, mixed with quality cannabis mix. It calms your body and refreshes your soul. If you are a lover of cannabis, and you also find apple taste nice, then this flavour is for you.

    Forbidden Fruit

    Forbidden Fruit

    This flavour is just exactly like how the historical forbidden fruit is! It is tempting, very delicious, and exceptionally satisfying. This is one of the best flavours in the collection and you will find it lovable if you are a lover of rich, fruity tastes. The Forbidden Fruit flavour is an interesting of several rich and delicious fruits like berries, cherries, tropical fruits, and citrus fruits. The flavour mixes so well that it is difficult to say which of these flavours overrides the other- it blends perfectly! When you vape this flavour, it will give you tropical summer memories.

    Candy Cane

    Candy Cane

    This one gives you good childhood memories. It is unique in this collection because there is a hint of minty flavour in it. The Candy cane flavour smoothly blends between sweet, delicious cream and mild peppermint. On the inhale, you feel the taste of sweet cream more and then followed by hints of mint flavour. When you exhale it, the creamy taste is felt first but this time, it is quickly overpowered by the minty flavour, the minty flavour allows the taste of this flavour last more in your mouth even after you are done with your vaping session.

    Mango Diesel

    Mango Diesel

    We love this particular flavour. If you are looking to calm your nerves and boost your energy to concentrate well on your activities, then you should go for this flavour; its smell alone is energizing! It is a great blend of delicious mango and several tropical flavours, these flavours mix so well to give you a taste that you will always look out to have when you are tired or you are feeling down. You should try getting your hands on this flavour someday to confirm for yourself.

    Blueberry Lemon Haze

    Blueberry Lemon Haze

    This is the last flavour on our list but it is not the least! This flavour delivers a delicious and sour taste to your mouth, at the same time. It blends between blueberry haze and rich lemon haze. The blueberry part of the mix gives it a sweet and delicious taste, while the lemon part of the mix gives you a sour taste. Certain vapers would always go for a sour taste in a vape- this particular flavour is perfect for them.

    2.2  Pros

    All Dime Disposable Vapes are made using very potent cannabis and pure THC

    It is very easy to use and is a perfect choice for newbies

    It is durable and long-lasting

    2.3  Cons

    If you do not like your vape to taste strong, the product is not for you. Their products are rich in highly-potent cannabis.

    3.Dime Disposable Vape Review

    This product is very good and it is one that you can comfortably buy without having to worry about it being fake or it spoiling any time soon. It is built in a very beautiful design, loaded with original and high-quality cannabis and THC. If you are looking for a vape flavour that can help you calm your nerves while agitated, and give you enough raised energy to do your activities perfectly, then this is for you. The product is very effective and it is available in various flavours that you can choose from according to your taste preference.

    The product comes with carefully filtered oil that is extracted from purely natural and original cannabis gotten from leaves fruits, and other botanical sources. Its oil tank can take enough oil you will be needing per each vape session without you having to frequently remove it. Its oil tank has a capacity of 600mg and can produce up to 400 puffs per device. Most of their flavours are clinically tested and approved for use. Its body is built using stainless steel material- and that makes it very durable. It features personalized devices and there is also a child-proof feature that prevents unnecessary or harmful touching of the product by children. Dime Disposable Vapes are award-winning vape brand and this disposable vape proves that a lot. It is a very good product for you.

    4.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How do I Use Dime Disposable Vapes?

    Just like a lot of other disposable vapes out there today, Dime Disposable vapes are well easy to use. The first thing you will have to do is to bring out the dime disposable vape from its pack; after that, press on the button that controls the on and off of the device; once your vape turns on, there is a LED-light indicator that should turn on too-this signifies that the vape is on and ready to use. Since the disposable vape is draw activated, all you need to do next is to put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale through it to enjoy the flavour you have chosen; afterwards, release the vapour from your mouth by exhaling it- and that is all!

    Where can I buy Dime Disposable Vapes?

    You can get your Dime Disposable vapes from both physical vape stores and online vape stores. If you are going to be buying online, be sure that you are buying from a trusted and reliable online store to get value for your money. One of the best online stores where you can get your quality vape products is

    What is the Capacity of a Dime Disposable Vape Oil Tank?

    The oil tank that comes with Dime Disposable Vapes has a 600mg capacity.

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